Thursday, October 20, 2005

Record Deal False Alarm

As most of you know, we recently had our first E.P. pressed, and when we did, I mailed out a copy to a bunch of labels, both major and local indie labels, in the hopes that someone, somewhere would want to finanace a full length album. I haven't really thought much about it since then, until Monday.

I was at work, and as usual, my cell phone rang inthe afternoon, and I just ignored it until I went on my lunch break at about 2:30. When I checked my message, it said this:

"Hey Jon this is Eric at Liquid 8 records. We got the demo package you sent us, I think it was addressed to another guy in our A&R department, but anyway, I gave it a listen. It's really cool stuff man, really cool. So give me a call and we can talk."

So after changing my now soiled underwear, and calling the blokes (Tori didn't answer his phone, the jerk), and with a thousand thoughts of a record deal spinning through my head, i called Eric back.

Sadly, it was a false alarm.

He explained that their label doesn't really have any room in their roster, and they don't finance the recording of CD's, they mostly help bands that have recorded a CD themselves with the distribution and marketing aspect of the business, but he wanted to let me know that the music was really, really great, and that we should keep working, because we're bound to get signed, and that hopefully one day he'll be able to buy our album at Best Buy. He may also be coming to our next show.

So it was really great feedback, and very encouraging, but also very emotionally exhausting.

More later.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Red Red Red Wanting The Bugle Boys

Holy nuts! It was weird. I didn't break any strings tonight. They must be bipolar!

Hey, I think we played a great show tonight. I think we sounded a lot better than we did our previous show (which is always a good thing). Since we were opening up for a bigger band, all the opening bands' setlists were cut short, so we dropped "I'll Wake Up" which is too bad because I really dig that song (and which means that I didn't get to use my ebow). But hey, we cycled in Air Crash tonight and I think it sounded really good.

Red Wanting Blue was really great! The lead vocalist had a really strong voice that really helped to swell up the music. Their last song was very powerful. Check 'em out if you get a chance. They also took the time to come and chat with us and say some really kind things to us and I very much appreciate that.

One other very intersting highlight was this crazy girl that kept dancing around all over the place. Would have been perfect (dance-style) at Woodstock. At the very end, she ran up on stage with Red and was shaking all about, then jumped up and started playing on the drum kit. Some words with a bouncer were exhanged. Hey--I'm sure she had a blast, though!

Anyways, thanks to you folks who came out tonight and supported us and the other bands that were playing. None of this is possible without your support and know that we will always appreciate it.

Good night all!


Another Station 4 Show

We have another show at Station 4 tonight. We're opening for Red Wanting Blue, a "national touring band". That should be fun. They seem like nice enough fellows, and their music is good. You should listen to them if you get a chance.