Monday, March 12, 2007


Just thought I'd dash out a few lines concerning what we've been up to lately. I'm pleased to announce that we'll be performing an acoustic set at this year's Craftstravaganza (St. Paul's "Rogue" art and craft fair at the State fairgrounds), coming up on April 28th. Admission's free and there should be lots of cool stuff, so swing on by. I'm not sure just yet exactly when we'll be playing, but we'll send out updates when we know more. I would also like to thank all our friends and fans who showed up at our last Station 4 gig. It was the Friday just after the last big snow storm, and, while seeing both new and familiar faces out there always means a lot to us, it was particularly nice considering the weather. So, thanks again.

Recording's going slowly, but well; everybody's in good health; and TK has some big news, but I'll let him deliver that. Hope you're all well.