Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It's A Hat Trick!

So I just wanted to say that at least for me, I've smacked into a new record: I broke three strings at our performance at the Fine Line. The first string broke on the second song, so I got my backup guitar. The second song I played with my second guitar, I broke another string!. So I switched back to my original guitar. And on the second to last song of the night, I broke another string, so I just finished the night out with four strings on my six. :) Happy times. Actually, it was a great expererience for me in the long run. If I can get through that, I can get through anything.

But still, I had a great time at the show. Thanks for coming all yous guys!

Also, check out our show on October 3rd at the Station-4 where we're opening up for Red Wanting Blue. On another note, we are working on a major update to our "official" website and Paul has some beautifully sweet T-shirts in the works. Also, keep your eyes open for the much-clamored for Ocean Over G-string.



Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fine Line Premier

Well, we had our first show at the Fine Line last night. Though it may not have been our best performance yet, it was certainly a successful one, and our many thanks go out to all of you who showed up to support our musical endeavours; hope you liked the show. We'll be having a few others fairly soon, and hope to have our demo CDs back by then, and maybe even a tee shirt or two... We'll keep you updated. Hope you're all well.