Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bitten by the Tailfly

Today was awesome. I got my taxes done (See previous post about taxes!) and then I hit the pavement to promote our demo. You can now buy it at Treehouse Records.

Also, I and a good friend went to the Elbow concert with Jon and Tori. Here are the glorious highlights:

1. Saw a great performance by Elbow.
2. Our demo was played on the P.A. system before and after Elbow's set.
3. I hand delivered a copy of our demo to Elbow's lead singer and bass player in person. Hope they like it.


Tax Time!

Hey everybody.

Taxes suck. Usually. This year I had a blast doing my taxes. Seriously. All because I went here:

They did my taxes in 15 minutes! AND I learned about all kinds of ways to save money by tracking band related expenses. Like $700 worth each year. These guys know there stuff - they specialize in preparing taxes for artists. If you're a musician or artist, you owe it to yourself to go to them. Plus they're cool!