Monday, September 03, 2007

Show and News

Thanks you guys for supporting our last show at Mario's. We had a blast. We tried out a few new lights, so let us know what you think about those. We're trying to slowly exercise more creative control of our shows. Bit by bit. We're learning.

We've got a few things coming up in the horizon. Some tentative, some set in stone. Jon and his wife are buying a house this month, so we will be moving our recording and practice space there. We're really excited about having a more ideal situation for this.

We're tentatively planning a Halloween show (a tribute to our held fondness for that holiday). We would like to pull this off with the most fun and the least cheese possible, so if you have any suggestions at all, let us know. We love your feedback. We've actually incorporated a ton of friend and fan feedback into what we now do.

There's also a slightly more major production in the works, but for now we'll keep it under wraps--you know, keep up the suspense.

Thanks for tuning in and...



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