Thursday, May 26, 2005


I just got back from our show at Station-4 tonight. Man that was a blast. I really feel we did a pretty good job tonight. I hope you guys enjoyed it, too. Thank you for supporting us and coming out. It's actually really cool to start to see some familiar faces (other than our girlfriends--poor girls, they always have to be there). Such are the perils of living with musicans.

We didn't break any strings tonight which was very cool. That also meant I didn't have to play my crappy backup guitar (which is even better).

Tonight was also the debut of Jon's new Telecaster and my new Vox amp. I think they sound just beautiful.

Be sure to check the website in a couple days--we should have some pictures posted. Once again...thanks for coming out and supporting us.



Also at long last, our website is finally up and running. You may find some small changes made to it yet (comp tickets, band photos, etc), but it's mostly there. Many thanks to Chris for nabbing the domain, Tori for his excellent logo design, and dboring for the cool art.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

That's a WRAP!!!

Finally, after months and months of recording, misxing, tweaking, cancer surgeries, and other set backs, we have finished mixing the "as of yet untitled" E.P./Demo. Now all that needs to happen is Dave will normalize/master the mixes, and they will be ready to go to the pressing.

So finally, finally we will have something in our hands to give to people and say "We made this".